Fulfill your dreams and finance your projects by depositing money within a month, obtaining at your expiration the return of the initial capital plus 15% per week.

You can take Fias24 Deposits in pesos, dollars, euros, with a fixed term of one month.

In addition, you will have the possibility to define to which Account you want your deposits


  • Deposit Fias24 Fixed: It is characterized because once the term of the Deposit is fulfilled, it no longer generates interest and the capital plus the interest generated is returned.
  • In this package with $ 100,000 pesos would be.


4 payments of $ 20,000 pesos deposited on the working Monday of each month.

1 payment for the total amount of the deposit is $ 100,000 pesos

Total, generated per month 60% of the capital or $ 160,000 pesos


It has never been easier to generate $ 60,000 pesos without doing anything

Deposit-Fias24 (100,000)

  • If the contract, wants to be terminated by the client before the established period, 25% of the original maintenance fee will be charged.

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